Praise for The Eagle and the Condor

  “We can learn from this amazing book. It's destined to become a classic in spiritual adventure."

                                  Henry Leo Bolduc, author
  The Journey Within

  "With this book Jonette continues her passion for lifting people to the very edges of human consciousness. She does it with grace and humor that keeps you reading ... and smiling."

                                  Geoffrey Hoppe, author
The Tobias Materials

 "The commitment to serving humankind and all

that we are connected to, at the risk of losing all things dear, including one's reputation, is clearly
at the core of this woman's soul. Living from that
place has made her life an adventure from
which we can all take inspiration."

                                                                      Lindsay Wagner, Actress

“I love it! It is mystical, beautiful, wonderful, emotional, true, and complete, and it engages the reader. You have done some magnificent work.”

Nancy  Mitchell, California

 “We are far greater than we allow ourselves to be! A masterpiece that bravely leads by example and acts as a perfect mirror for those who dare to look at themselves in that light…”

Asena Gurs, Turkey

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“I have been reading it and can’t put it down. It has been transforming for me. I am absolutely drawn spiritually and energetically to your words and works. To say it is fascinating would truly be inaccurate, because it goes so much deeper than that. This is a great book, so well written, entertaining and enlightening! You are doing a great work for consciousness. Thank you!” 

Linda Hansen, Colorado

“The Eagle and the Condor is fascinating, exciting, full of unexpected twists and turns. It’s funny yet filled with wise messages.”

Shahid Khatai, India                                            

“Jonette is a great writer. The book encourages me to listen and trust my inner voices and to follow my heart. I was extremely touched. I could laugh and I could cry.”

Gabriela Contreras, Mexico

“An amazing book! It invites you to awaken your heart and illuminate your soul. You feel compelled to follow the author on her quest to mystical places where physical reality intersects with spirit.”

Nancy Prins Bush, Colorado

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“Thank you for sharing your personal life story with all of us. I just love reading it and learning. This book will be a real hit because you write as though you are talking to a friend; you invite me in as though we are sharing a cup of tea or coffee together.”

Deb Moe, Minnesota

“I devoured the book. I could have read and read and read… I’m fascinated! It’s incredible how it felt like I could have lived this experience. You cannot imagine what this text means to me, it shines the way I have to walk. My thanks to you is bottomless for having shared this. I love your honesty, your messages and your laughter.”

Anita Muetterken, Argentina

“Your experiences are truly very inspiring. The thread throughout is that we are all so much more than we think we are, and our growth depends on our willingness to accept the expansion and greatness of ourselves.”

Toril Storoe, Norway

“I really enjoyed reading your magical, inspiring adventures... I find them exciting, impossible, and very real all at the same time. I appreciate how well you share the altered state experiences, mixed with the mundane. You write beautifully, and what you have to share is deeply moving and confirms the magic and mystery that is a part of all life. Thank you for your courage.”

Nancy Mayans, New York

“Congratulations!! Your book is beautiful. I couldn’t stop reading until I finished it. There were many passages that tears filled my eyes, I felt so connected ... just beautiful. I was especially touched by the passages concerning your relationship with your twin soul, Mallku. Your description is so real, so alive. I could be with you. When you commanded the mountain, it echoed inside me. Thank you so much for this beautiful book and for all you are.”

Meggi Erman, Israel

“I can’t believe you haven’t been writing books all your life! It flows so beautifully that I was just mesmerized while I read. You have such an amazing ability to weave yourself so naturally into words. The book captures the mystical and funny, godlike and oh so human in such a way that the reader is actually along on every step. It felt like I was sitting with my best friends, laughing and sharing our hearts. I was able to walk your journey with you in another reality.”

Susan Nakhleh, Louisiana

“I feel very strong for the energies in the book and especially for the power of the ‘Spirit of the Water.’ It gives me help in finding my own flow rather than focusing on events.”

Ralph Johnson, Sweden

“What an amazing story and experience. I felt as if I was there experiencing it with you. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. This is highly unusual for me. Much of what you said, I could relate to in one way or another. I shared your story with a group of my spiritual family here in Chicago. Thank you so much for helping us to see even more possibilities.”

Janelle Brittain, Illinois

You know there are times when you look at all the crap going on in the world and wonder if the cosmic forces have cracks in their craniums.  And Ah! the continuing questions:  Why am I stuck?  Where am I going?  What'll I do when I get there?  Then to prove they are not asleep at the switch, the cosmic forces bring this book into your life.  (Thank you!)  I admit to being a little taken aback at times.  I mean, excuse me but (eagles?  Lemuria?  Peruvian prophecies?); however I'm glad I pushed through my initial skepticism.  This book is unlike any other I've read.  I recommend you take this journey with Jonette.  It is unbelievable magic.  After 10 years of Light Body work, I could sense a Divine pulse in this book.  Nothing like meeting your twin flame on a plane to Peru.

Rayne, CA


"Jonette Crowley’s The Eagle and the Condor is an exciting spiritual love story where the North American Eagle and the South American Condor come together. The book is well-written and well-thought-out and thus a very enjoyable read. The author brings together all her experiences relating to her realization that she represents the Eagle and a Peruvian shaman represents the Condor and that they together create a twin flame. Crowley’s account of these identifications is set in the context of other spiritual knowledge, wisdom and teaching from ancient Lemuria until our day. Above all, Jonette Crowley, a modern mystic, shows us many sides of love in the work—universal love, her own ability to love and receive love, as well as her love of adventure, words and spirit. She also writes about her concerns on whether she is doing the right thing by pursuing her intuition and how to balance her spiritual calling with a life in accordance with her upbringing and learned values. At every point in the story, however, Crowley returns to the spiritual guidance she receives.

I think it is very fortunate that The Eagle and the Condor is not a how-to-do self-help book but rather a literary work describing a spiritual journey and thus of a more lasting value and interest. The reader can make his or her own journey and observations with the author and even return later to the sacred places and teachings the author describes. Many books in the genre of spiritual literature are less than satisfactory in terms of their literary quality and editing. As a first-time author, Crowley has achieved easiness and remarkable clarity of expression and has the ability to keep the reader interested in the events unfolding throughout the world and how they are connected. These authorial qualities require both skill and hard work. I also appreciate the care taken to edit the text. The author thanks many of her friends and colleagues for their help and proof-reading in the preface, but the book still carries her own voice. I believe that her next work, which I can't wait to read, will show us an even more confident writer. It is no wonder The Eagle and the Condor has received awards."

Immi Valtonen, Finland


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