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Chapter 14   Preparing for Our


When Woableza finished speaking to our class that night, I called in White Eagle to channel guidance on the significance of the work we were to do in Peru, and to find out more about Chief Woableza’s connection to the people of the Andes. It was one of the strongest and most powerful spaces from which I had ever

channeled. I had to lift my consciousness beyond my normal limits in order to hold the energy and form the words. I hardly

recognized my own voice. This sometimes happens when I must speak with great truth and not allow any of my personality to get in the way of the translation. As White Eagle spoke, I saw a vision and felt the intense power of four giant beings—the Keepers of the Four Directions of the Incas. It was truly as if all four of them had physically entered the living room! It seemed so real; they were with us. I later learned that the Incan Empire was

known as Tahuantinsuyo, or Four Lands of the Sun.


  This is White Eagle. We speak for the Brotherhood of White.

  This is a Council meeting, you all are invited. Twice the man      you know as Woableza lived in the Andes; once before the great explosion that tore the world apart, once after. Before the great explosion, he understood the magic and power of alchemical gold. This was a highly evolved society, all remnants of which are gone under the sea. The second time he was of the Condor People. He was the guardian for two portals that have not been re-activated. It is now time they are reawakened and opened. One of the purposes of your group’s journey to Peru is to rebalance the Earth’s core. There is a magnetic wobble in our Mother now that must be healed. The calendar that you seek will not be possible until the Earth is steadied. You must also open the two portals. This will begin to bring in the energies of the new calendar. When the serpent leaves the den, the healing must be complete. The timing is of GREAT IMPORTANCE.

White Eagle’s message was incredibly enigmatic, but because of the power by which it came I knew it was true and needed to be taken seriously.

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   My Twin Soul

I had one more major surprise before our trip began. While dining out with Brad Johnson, a dear friend who was also going with us to Peru, I admitted to him that I had unfounded and inexplicable feelings of love for Mallku, the man I had employed to be our tour leader in South America. As I tried to explain my feelings, Brad remarked, “He’s here.”

“What do you mean?” I questioned.

“He’s here. Mallku’s energy just came in.” In that moment, I felt the spirit of Mallku’s powerful presence in front of me in the restaurant. Tears streamed down my cheeks as an immediate and full knowing pierced my consciousness like a lightning strike. In one single flash of illumination I remembered everything about Mallku and me.

“He is of my soul, he is my twin!” were the words I blurted out. Overcome with emotions of indescribable love, yet afraid of what this might mean, I shook my head and vehemently exclaimed, “Oh, no! I don’t want this!” For five minutes, using up both our napkins and two from another table, I cried, holding Brad’s hand for comfort and to steady me.

What could I do with Truth like that? How do I accept absolutely knowing something I didn’t want

to know, something that might disrupt everything I have so carefully set up? I didn’t even want to believe in the existence of twin souls or twin flames. The only information I had heard about them was from Shirley MacLaine’s recent book The Camino. While she walked on a solo pilgrimage for 500 miles on Spain’s Camino Santiago de Compostela, she received visions. MacLaine wrote of a time in ancient Lemuria in which luminous, genderless beings split into perfect counterparts, male and female—twin souls or twin flames.

What do you do when you come face to face with the truth that it is a bear paw print in the mud? Ignore it. After all, you’ve only seen the bear print, you haven’t seen the bear.

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